10 Things You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD Oil

Written by David Ericson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five or so years, you have undoubtedly heard about cannabidiol or CBD oil. It is extracted from a type of cannabis called hemp and unlike THC, the main psychoactive agent in cannabis, it doesn’t get you high. Although there is little scientific evidence, there have been a lot of anecdotal claims that CBD has a therapeutic effect on several ailments.

There are tons of ways to consume CBD ranging from tinctures and dabs to topical applications and a CBD vape. In fact, vaping CBD oil has become one of the most popular means of consuming CBD in the UK. Not only does it result in a cleaner and healthier experience, but it also makes it easier to dose your CBD accurately and saves you money in the long run.

The following are some of the many CBD vape benefits regular users enjoy:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved mood
  • Pain relief
  • Alertness in low doses and sleepiness in high doses.
  • Relaxation or calmness

While consuming CBD in most forms will result in these benefits, CBD vape is much easier on your lungs, is available medically and its effects are faster acting and longer-lasting. However, there are a couple of things you need to know before vaping CBD oil in the UK. For starters,

What is CBD?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype about CBD without knowing exactly what it is. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the over 100 cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. You probably know about THC, the cannabinoid in marijuana that gives it its infamous high. Although CBD can also be extracted from cannabis, most of the CBD on the UK market is extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant that produces very little THC.

Cannabidiol is said to have a wide range of medical benefits, from alleviating chronic pain to relieving symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and chemotherapy. However, most experts say that more research is needed to fully understand the health effects of CBD.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is what comes to mind when most people think of CBD. However, CBD oil is just one of the means through which cannabidiol can be consumed. It usually consists of a mixture of CBD and a carrier oil like MCT or olive oil. Products with CBD oil are meant to be ingested orally or applied topically, not inhaled. In fact, studies have shown that inhaling CBD oil exposes you to serious health complications like lipoid pneumonia.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

Generally, CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid is any vape juice containing CBD. Although it’s also referred to as CBD vape oil, it doesn’t contain any oil and is designed for vaping unlike products like CBD oil tinctures. The CBD molecules are dissolved into the vape juice, usually made from propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), and they vaporize when the vape juice is heated past a certain temperature threshold.

The beauty of vaping CBD oil is that there is a variety of flavors to enjoy, and you can find plenty of CBD vape juice UK shops that have a wide selection of flavors. With the right equipment, a supply of vape oil, and CBD isolate, you can also make your own CBD vape juice. How much CBD should I add to the vape juice, you ask? Well, it will also depend on the amount of vape juice you use, but we suggest starting with 500 mg in 30ml and tweaking the formula as you gain more experience.

How do I Use a Vape Pen?

For the CBD to work effectively, you need to know how to use a CBD vape pen properly. At its most simple, a vape pen is a handheld, pocket-sized device that heats up a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapor. There are single use vape pens that are disposed of once the pre-filled tank and battery are depleted and rechargeable vape pens which as the name suggests, can be recharged and have their vape cartridges or tanks refilled or replaced.

You’ll find two types of rechargeable vape pens in the UK;

  1. Draw-activated vape pens – These are activated when you puff or “draw” on them and don’t have any on or off buttons.
  2. Button-activated vape pens – Usually, this kind of vape pen turns on when you press the power button five times in a row. Some models allow you to adjust the voltage output by pressing the button three times. On the other hand, others have a pre-heat mode that is activated by pressing the button twice.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

Like THC, cannabidiol reacts differently with different people. Most experts would advise you to start with a small dose and slowly work your way up. Try a minimal dose of 1 to 2 mg of CBD and wait about six hours, paying close attention to how you feel. Up your dose by around 5mg each time until you start to feel the effects and stick to that dosage.

On average, most users take 10-30 mg of CBD per day, with those trying to alleviate medical conditions like pain taking up to 200-1,000 mg per day. And speaking of medical conditions, how much CBD should I vape for anxiety, you may be wondering. Although CBD hasn’t been approved as a remedy for stress and anxiety yet, the anecdotal evidence is encouraging. Just start with a small dose and up it each time until you feel it start working then lock in on that dosage.

What Are the Side Effects of Vaping CBD?

As hyped up as CBD is, the amount of research into its effects and side effects carried out in the UK is quite limited. However, the most commonly reported side effects of CBD vape are mild drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate, impaired memory, and impaired coordination.  Last year, the US saw an outbreak of severe lung disease linked to substandard vaporisers so to be safe, research and invest in a high quality, highly reviewed vape pen.

What Does it Feel Like to Vape CBD Oil?

We’ve said a couple of times that you should slowly up your CBD dosage until you feel the effects kick in but the problem is, how does a CBD vape make you feel? If you’re a first-timer, you may be expecting it to feel a little like marijuana which if smoked or vaped, has very distinct and identifiable effects. However, CBD has a very different effect. Seeing as it has powerful antioxidant and anti-anxiety properties, CBD vape will alleviate aches and pains as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

When it comes to CBD it’s more about what you don’t feel. As long as you are vaping an effective dose of CBD consistently, you will notice that you have fewer aches and pains, less stress and anxiety and are more relaxed. Additionally, you may also feel more alert and focused or drowsy and sleepy depending on your dose.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Ultimately, the amount of time CBD stays in your system will depend on how much CBD you use, how often you use it, the kind and amount of food you eat, your specific genetics and how you consumed the CBD. CBD vape interacts with your lungs, is absorbed, and takes effect quickly, usually within 15 minutes of vaping, and generally lasts 2-5 hours. However, it also dissipates faster than oral CBD oils, tinctures, and edibles.

Will Vaping CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

If you’re wondering, CBD vape won’t show up on a drug test, granted the CBD is high quality and doesn’t contain any traces of THC. Most of the CBD formulated for vaping on the UK market is derived from industrial hemp, a variety of cannabis that has less than 0.2% THC, barely enough to get you high let alone register on a drug test.

CBD Vape Isn’t Approved to Treat Any Conditions

While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD can be effective at treating the symptoms of some ailments, the science is still years behind the hype. So if you are learning how to vape CBD oil to treat a medical condition, make sure you do plenty of research and see what the experts are saying. Consult a doctor before you start vaping CBD, especially if you are on other medications. CBD is known to have an adverse reaction with some medications.

At the end of the day, CBD vape will reduce stress and anxiety and will eliminate most aches and pains, whether you are using it recreationally or medicinally. Have you tried CBD vape before? What was your experience like? We’d love to know in the comments!

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